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June 16, 2022
Here is a mirrored courtyard in the Hutong neighborhood. An architects group renovated a Hutong bungalow and courtyard. They installed large mirrors on the walls and floors to make the space look bigger.

June 14, 2022 — The Hutong neighborhood and small urban spaces

“Hutong” Report
By Randy Wang

In China, “Hutong” is a narrow alley. Before 1990, many Chinese in cities were poor and lived in bungalows. Each bungalow housed a family. Many bungalows formed a residential area. Hutong means “passway” that connects each bungalow.

After 1990, the bungalows were demolished gradually or renovated. They are now safer and cleaner.

The renovated bungalows have become a tourist area.

June 7, 2022 — Street Art

Temporary art, “street art,” and the difference between vandalism and approved graffiti.
Vandalism = Crime
Street Art = OK. Allowed by government in certain areas.

Examples of temporary art and street art in China:

May, 2022

City Report – Tianjin

By Randy Wang

Tianjin is a metropolis which has rich material resources and beautiful scenery.

It is 11,966.45 kmĀ² and it has 13 million permanent residents. Tianjin has 16 districts. I live in the Nan Kai district.

Tianjin has so many places of interest. For example, the Great Wall. It was built in BC 221.

“The Eye” of Tianjinn is a Ferris wheel which straddles Hai He river.

The ancient cultural Street is next to the Hai He river, and has lots of houses. It was built in Qing dynasty.

Pan Shan Mountain is famous not only because it has beautiful views but also Emperor Qian Long had been there 32 times!

Tianjin is one of four municipalities of China. The other three major cities are Beijing, Shanghai and Chong Qing. I have been to Beijing and Chong Qing but I have not been to Shanghai. There are tens of thousands of restaurants in Tianjin. They spread all over the residential area and commercial area. You can eat all kinds of cuisine, and you also can eat other countries’ foods, like French food, Thai food and American food.

Tianjin has a port which is the third biggest port in the world. Tianjin also has the Dagang oil field. Recently the economy of Tianjin has been in a slump, but is expected to rebound in 2022. Top three industries: textile industry, chemical industry and electronics industry.